Update July 2019: Studio1 has now been renamed to Userflow and has pivoted to offering a platform for building onboarding guides and product tours.

Today I’m super excited to launch Studio1, a product that aims to automate production of screencast videos for customer support, marketing and sales.


I’ve been working on Studio1 non-stop the last 6 months, and we’re finally ready to go live to the world.

Studio1 helps software companies better train their customers/users/employees by providing them with high-quality, always up-to-date screencast videos.

As a founder of multiple software products, I know the struggle of creating screencast videos. Moving the mouse smoothly and avoiding typos is nearly impossible. The video is never as well-paced as you’d like. Adding voice-over sucks - few people like their own voice, you need a good microphone and room to record in, or you pay a ton of money for professional voice. Videos are extremely difficult to change after they’ve been made, and often stay outdated for years leading to a poor customer experience.

Studio1 solves all this.

Instead of recording your own screen, you build a manuscript in Studio1. A manuscript consists of actions such as “Go to”, “Click” and “Type” - it tells Studio1 how to navigate and control form input in a browser. You fill in a voice-over using simple text, which Studio1 synthesizes to almost-human-sounding speech. Finally you click a button, and Studio1 renders a full video for you, which you can embed on your website. You can make small adjustments to the manuscript and re-render as many times as you want.

A final video looks like this:

I hope that you’d like to try out Studio1. Questions/feedback will be much appreciated.